Learn Computer Science

Learn Computer Science

Learn Computer science is a comprehensive tutorial which will provide you All the resources you need to give yourself a world class computer science education in computer science .

Learn and master the fundamentals concepts in Computer Science And Programming in a most simplified manner step-by-step. Specially designed for absolute beginner , this tutorial will guide you step by step in learning computer science using best learning practices.

Career Opportunities In CS

Learning Computer science is now considered to be one of the best career option . The career in Computer Science  not only  offers an opportunity to work with some top notch corporate companies but also to work as an entrepreneur. The Computer Science career also offers you an opportunity to put your career on the fast track with excellent financial rewards .

What is Computer Science ?

In most simple terms , the computer science can defined as  a  branch  of  engineering  science that studies the  technology  and  the principles   of   computer system. The computer science scope includes  study of computation and computer  technology , hardware   and software.

What is computer science

      Fields in CS

  • Data Structures.
  • Software Engineering.
  • Algorithms.
  • Statistics.
  • Programming Languages.
  • Computer Hardware.
  • CS Design And Architecture.
  • Mathematics.

The computers have now become indispensable part of human word .  It is difficult to imagine any field which is not dependent on the applications of computer.  As a result , the computer science professionals are in great demand across the world . A career in any specific subject of computer science can bring you many opportunities and financial rewards . 

Computer Science Jobs

If you are a beginner or you may a student currently exploring a career in computer science . The scope of the computer science is pretty vast and there are many areas or fields options available for research and specialization .

However,  Computer science is a interdisciplinary science that spans in both theory and practice. The scope of computer science  is huge  and Therefore , It is important for the student of computer science to have absolute clarity about the  various fields , disciplines , sub-disciplines that exists  in computer science so that you make the right decision while selecting the fields in computer science . 

The computer science can be broadly split in to two streams . These two streams include Theoretical Computer science and  Applied Computer science .   The Theoretical Computer Science mainly deals with the fundamental theoretical principles and design concepts . Whereas the Applied Computer Science deals with the practical implementation of these theoretical principles and design concepts in Computer Science. 

Theoretical Computer Science

The Applied Computer Science can be further split into three sub-streams and that includes Operating Systems , Intelligent Systems and Application Development .

Computer Science As A Major

If you choose computer science as a major then you have plenty of options later on to choose for your specialization . You can build your skill set and  specialization either in system architecture or  software application development Or you can develop your expertise in web development . There are plenty of options in computer science to choose from. 

Career Options In Computer Science

The scope of computer science is vast.It is understandable that as a beginner , you need not decide at this point of time ,  which stream in computer science will eventually interest you . The computer science offers plenty of career options . Some of these  popular choices for students  include Programmer , Hardware Engineer , Network Engineer , Web Developer and Data Scientist .

Computer Hardware

  • System Architect.
  • Hardware Engineer.
  • Network Engineer.
  •  System Analyst.

Computer Software

  • Programmer.
  • Software Architecture.
  • Business Analyst.
  • Software Engineer.

Computer Applications

  • Database Programmer.
  • Hardware Engineer.
  • Network Engineer.
  • Data Scientist.

How To Become Computer Programmer


The computer programming is still continues to be the most favored choice for many students. A career in computer programming can be very rewarding and  completely worth the initial efforts and patience, which you need to invest while the learning programming .

If you are committed to put in the initial hard work  then CS is the right career move . Some people might  initially find , Learning computer programming  a bit challenging and difficult . But every programmer has to go through this learning curve  and must overcome these challenges which initially you may have to face.

However, if you want be financially enough rewarded and want to be a part of industry that is rapidly growing,  then you need to be mentally prepared and commit yourself to take this to the logical end .    

If you have the right learning strategy in place and follow the best learning practices, then you can easily learn the computer programming  without much difficulty.

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Computer Science FAQ

Most subjects in Computer Science are not difficult . Learning Computer science can be easy If you follow the right learning sequence and study the right study material. 

You can explore the online education platforms like Udemy which offers quality content at very reasonable price .

Udemy is the worlds largest eLearning platform

Most Subjects In Computer Science does not require you to be good in mathematics . Computer Science deals with problem solving . Computer Science needs reasoning and logical thinking. 

There is a huge shortage of skilled manpower in Computer Science related Jobs .

Most Surveys , studies by reliable agencies indicate great demand for computer science professionals.  

The eLearning has completely transformed the education industry .

Now the Students can start learning any subject with the help of  reputed eLearning platforms such as Udemy well know for providing quality courses. 

Almost all most reputed Universities in the world have started online education  including  Harvard  And Stanford . These courses are available at very reasonable price.

With the advent of Online education portals ,  you can now access quality education in Computer Science from some of the best universities at fraction of cost .

Students can now learn at their own pace and within the comfort of your own place.

You can start learning Computer Science with a  course  which will teach you important fundamental concepts in Computer Science .

Familiarity with this foundation knowledge  is important rather than straight away jumping in to some skill specific course . 

Udemy offers some of the best foundation courses in Computer Science. 

Computer science scope is pretty vast and includes many subjects .

As you progress further in your career in CS  , you need to build your skill set and expertise in few subjects .

These subjects in CS depends upon your experience and interest . The demand , supply and rewards equation will decide the financial rewards in the  job market .

There is a huge deficit of trained manpower for different skill sets in Computer Science across the world . 

And therefore , Computer science professionals are in great demand .

As per the trends and studies , a career in computer science will be one of the best opportunity and with best financial rewards as compared to any other field.

A career in computer science also offers a great opportunity for those who wish to be self employed and work as freelance consultant . 

For example , market is booming with assignments for Android Application developers , Database Specialists , Web Developers And many such similar opportunities with excellent financial rewards.

Once you build your specific skill set and expertise in CS , then you can get the assignments on platforms like Upwork And Fiverr .

Computer Science subjects are technical and full of jargon . It is important to be familiar with the fundamental concepts in Computer science . This will help you logically learn step-By-Step .

It is important to gain foundation knowledge base and then move on to the specific skill set as per your choice.  

Students with foundation knowledge base find it relatively much easier to subsequently learn different subjects in computer science.


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