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Introduction To Computer Science

 In this introduction to Computer Science , we will discuss in detail various aspects related to the domain of computer science .

The introduction to computer science includes understanding what is computer science , its classification , computer science fields of study, scope , history and evolution of computer science as a discipline and the applications of computer science in various fields . 

If you’re a college student trying to pick a major that will maximize your career prospects, then it’s no secret that computer science is a great choice.

There’s no shortage of data, reports, and surveys which indicate that students with Computer Science and Computer Engineering degrees can expect some of the some of the highest starting salaries.

The Computer Science career also has the lowest unemployment rate  as compared to any other field .

Introduction To Computer Science

In this Introduction To Computer science  we will cover all the relevant topics in Computer science . Familiarity  with these foundation knowledge important to understand the other related topics.

What Is A Computer Science ?

The  computer science   can  defined as  a  branch  of  engineering  science that studies the  technology  and  the principles   of  design and applications of the  computer system.

The computer science is a interdisciplinary science and its  scope includes  study of computation , computer  technology , hardware    and   software.

What is Computer Science
What is CS

The Computers today are an integral part of  human world, and the human world  critically depends upon the computing power of today’s  modern computers .

The Computer Science has also evolved over period of last few decades both in the hardware and the software domain. 

Many computer scientist describe, and practice computer science as a creativity tool . This approach enables them  to create something meaningful using the phenomenal computing power of computers .

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What Is A Computer Science ?

Computer Science Field Of Study

The Computer science field of study include many subjects . It is interdisciplinary science that spans both theory and practice.

The scope of computer science  is pretty vast. And therefore , It is important for the student of computer science to have absolute clarity about the various fields of study  (  classification of computer science ) and the knowledge of various streams that exist within the scope of  computer science . 

The  scope of computer science covers   some  important subjects  that  include  :

  • Discrete Mathematics .
  • Data Structures .
  • Application And System Software.
  • Algorithms .
  • Statistics .
  • Programming Languages.
  • Computer Hardware .
  • CS Design  And  Architecture.
  • Database Management Systems.
  • Web Design And Development.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
Computer Science Fields Of Study

CS Classification

The computer science fields of study  can be broadly split in to two streams . These two streams include , Theoretical Computer Science , and  Applied Computer Science .   

The Theoretical Computer Science mainly deals with the , fundamental theoretical principles , and design concepts .

Whereas the Applied Computer Science deals with , the  practical implementation of these theoretical principles , and the design concepts in Computer Science.

The Applied Computer Science can be further split into , three sub-streams , and that includes , Operating Systems , Intelligent Systems , and Application Development .

Theoretical Computer Science

Theoretical Computer Science

The theoretical computer science deals with fundamental theoretical principles and design concepts which includes :

Applied Computer Science

The  CS Sub-stream Applied Computer Science deals with the practical implementation of the theoretical fundamental principles and design concepts of computer science.  

Operating System

The  CS Sub-stream OS includes operating system , device drivers , system utility software programs , programming language compilers , interpreters , network operating systems , anti-virus and malware software. 

Intelligent System

The  CS Sub-stream Intelligent System includes Artificial Intelligence , pattern recognition , data mining , web monitoring , hybrid intelligence systems , speech recognition and   robotics.

Application Development

The  CS Sub-stream Application Development includes Computer Programming Languages such as C , C++ , Java , Python , Java Script , MS Dot Net and many more . It also include Web design and development languages HTML , CSS , JS , PHP , CMS ( World-press ) .

The Application development also include database design and development tools like DBMS , RDBMS , MySQL and so on. 

Applied Computer Science Operating System
Applied CS Intelligent System
Applied Computer science Application Development

Why Study Computer Science ?

The  Computers  are today integral part  of the human word  and human world    is critically dependent  upon the  computing  power of these computers .

The  applications  of computer science  are  indispensable  in every  industry  we can possibly  think of  such as aviation , health care , Banking , engineering and so on .  

The business corporations are spending huge amount of money  for the  collection , processing and analysis of large volumes of data  essential to manage the day to day business operations  of the company .

Data Processing
Data Processing

Learning Computer science is now considered to be one of the best career option . The career in Computer Science  not only  offers an opportunity to work with some top notch corporate companies but also to work as an entrepreneur. 

Computer Science Major

What Is Computer Science Major ?

Learning Computer science as major can give you access to most powerful tool to work on some creative ideas.

As a Computer Science professional , you can build next generation games , develop applications like Facebook  and Twitter .

With Artificial Intelligence , you can simulate human behavior in machines and work in the field of Robotics.

Design Computer Games
Artificial Intelligence And Robotics

Learning Computer science is now considered to be one of the best career option . 

The career in Computer Science  not only  offers an opportunity to work with some top notch corporate companies but also to work as an entrepreneur. 

As per various studies and surveys , a degree in  Computer science   can put your professional career on the fast track . 

The Computer science related jobs are among the highest paid jobs with best financial rewards.

Computer Science And Computer Engineering Jobs

History Of Computer Science

The  Computers  are today integral part  of the human world  and human world today  critically depends  upon the  computing  power of  today’s modern computers .

The Computer Science  has  also evolved  over period of last few decades both in the hardware and  software domain.

However , The history of computer science began  , long before our today’s modern discipline of computer science.

In the past seventy years , the computers have migrated from room-size mega boxes to the desktops computers.

And now the computers are  in our pockets  with far  more computing power  and mobility .

History Of Computer Science

But the modern computing-machine era began with Alan Turing’s conception of the Turing Machine, and the  three Bell Labs scientists invention of the transistor .

The transistor is a tiny electronic component made-up of silicon . It is extensively used in many  electronic devices.  

  The Transistor  is used as a micro switch and a fundamental building block  for all digital electronic devices  including computers . 

The  invention  of  transistor  has  made modern-style computing possible. This invention   rewarded  them  with  the 1956 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Function Of Transistor in Computers
Evolution Of Computers

Applications Of Computer Science

The advancement  in  science and technology has completely transformed the human world . The human world is now moving towards the machine age with the advent of powerful computers  armed with  artificial intelligence .

The computers can now design and control  the machines  that can   imitate human  behavior  and  perform  the jobs  which  generally requires human  intervention . 

Applications Of Computer

  • Aviation.
  • Engineering CAD , CAM.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Healthcare.
  • Banking And Finance.
  • Education.
  • Military And Defence.
  • Scientific Research.
Applications Of Computer In Education
Applications Of Computer Science

CS And Moore's Law

The computer hardware and software design technology is also changing at a rapid pace .

The early room size computers  are now reduced  to  pocket size with far more computing power .

The computers are being extensively used to design and control  the machines  that can  imitate human  behavior  and  perform  the jobs  which  generally requires human  intervention . 

The Moore’s Law refers  the  observation  made  by Gordon Moore in 1965.  He was co-fonder  of  Intel corporation .

The Moore’s Law basically refers to his observation about rapidly increasing computing power of the today’s modern processor chips.

Moore's Law
Moore's Law in CS

The  invention of  transistor , which  is  a  tiny component made up of  silicon  was  a significant mile stone in the world digital electronics  . The silicon is  a semi conductor material . 

The  microprocessor  ( CPU )  is  the brain of the computer system  which actually provides the computing power to the computer system .

The CPU ( Central Processing Unit )  performs all the arithmetic calculations  and logical operations in a computer system .

The  computer’s processor  chip  is made up of  millions of these tiny component called  transistor . The transistor   is a fundamental  building block  for  all modern  processor chips .

Moore's Law

Moore's Law In Computer Science

As per Moore’s law , the number of transistors in a microprocessor  chip  will double about every two years. In other words , the Moore’s law states that the computing power of the processor chip  will double every two years  . 

The  Moore’s law further  predicts that this trend will continue into the foreseeable future.

What Is Central Processing Unit ( CPU )


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