Introduction To Computer System

Introduction To Computer System

In this introduction to computer system we will discuss in detail various technical features related to the Computer system . The introduction to computer system includes computer system hardware , computer system software And Computer System Design and System Architecture . 

Computer System - Table Of Contents

Learning Computer science is now considered to be one of the best career option . The career in Computer Science  not only  offers an opportunity to work with some top notch corporate companies but also to work as an entrepreneur. The Computer Science career also offers you an opportunity to put your career on the fast track with excellent financial rewards .

What Is Computer System ?

A  Computer system is defined as  programmable electronics  device  that  can  be programmed  to accept  some  inputs  in  terms of  data  , then process  this  data as per the program instructions   and  provide  the  Output  in  the  desired  format  that can be used for some meaningful  work .

What is Computer System

Features Of Computer System

Computer System Is Programmable

The Computer  is  programmable. That  means ,  computer will perform the task only as per the program instructions . And therefore , the computer needs a program written in a programming language to execute a particular task on the computer. The Computer program directs the computer through series of instructions. 

Computer Is Programmable

Computer Accepts Input And Provides Output

The Computer Systems are used to perform a specific tasks . For example , a company   might use computer for billing , record keeping , payroll processing , accounting and many such applications. The Computer are used to process  raw  data  and  produces  information  as per program instructions. The information  can be used for some meaningful  work  such as decision making within an organization .

Data Processing
Data Processing

Computer System Is Digital Machine

The Computer  is  a  digital  electronic  machine .  That means  , computer  can understand  and  execute  instructions  on  in  binary  which consist  of  only two numbers that  is  0  and  1 . The  binary  code  is also referred  as machine code  or machine language .

The computers micro-processor can understand and execute instructions only in machine code in Binary . So  , it doesn’t really matter  in which  programming language you  write your program code because  eventually  ,  all computer programs  must be first converted  to  machine code in binary consisting of only 0 and 1.  

Computer Program Compilation

Components Of Computer System

The Computer system consist of four basic components Or Units . In terms of functionality , the computer system can be grouped in to four units . 

The Computer System Components are :

  1. Input Devices ( Input Unit ) .
  2. CPU ( Central Processing Unit ) .
  3. System Memory ( Memory Unit ) .
  4. Output Devices ( Output Unit ) .
Components Of Computer System

Input And Output Devises

Computer System Input Unit

The term “Input Unit ” ( Input Devises )  refers to the  input  provided   by the  user  by  using   any   input  device  such  as  keyboard  , mouse  , mike  , camera or any storage device in the form of input data  to  be processed  by the  computer system CPU ( Central Processing Unit ) .

Computer System Output Unit

The term “Output Unit ” refers to the  output  provided   by the   computer CPU after processing the user data inputs  . This output is then sent to the output  device such as monitor , printer , speaker   to  provide desired  output to  the  user. The output can also be stored on any storage device for future use.

Computer System Block Diagram
Computer Input And Output Devices

Computer System Architecture

What is Computer System Architecture ?

In  computer engineering, the computer system  architecture is the conceptual design and fundamental operational structure of a computer system. It is the technical drawings and functional description of all design components and  requirements . The system architecture defines the system performance parameters such as speed and interconnections .

The System architecture can also be defined as the science and art of selecting and interconnecting hardware components to create computer system that meet  functional , performance  and cost goals. And therefore , better architecture will produce a better design and system performance.

Computer System Architecture

Computer System Block Diagram

The Computer system consist of four basic components Or Units . In terms of functionality , the computer system can be grouped in to four  basic units . 

Computer System Block Diagram

Computer Hardware

The  computer system  mainly  consist  of  hardware components  and  the  software components .   All  the  physical  components  inside  the computer cabinet  and  the  input  / output  gadgets  attached  to  the  computer  are  referred  as  hardware  components .

The hardware  components  inside the computer  cabinet  are referred  as  internal  components  such as  motherboard .The external  hardware components attached  to the computer  system  are also referred as peripheral  devices  such  as  keyboard , mouse , monitor  .

Computer System Hardware Components
Computer System Hardware Components

Computer Software

The computer software is a  set program instructions designed to perform a specific tasks . A computer program is written  in  computer programming language such  as  C , C++ , Java  , python and so many other languages .

The  computer system software can further be classified as System Software And Application Software . The System software is used by the system itself manage and control the system components. The System software includes Operating System ( OS ) ,device drivers and other system utility programs . The application software  are used by the computer user such as  MS Word , Excel .

Computer System Software Components
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