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Learn To Code

Learn to code easily and quickly with the right learning strategy , step by step learning   methodology and using right study material . 

What Is Coding ?

A coding is all about writing a computer program to solve a specific problem . The programmers develop software applications using many programming languages .

Depending upon the type of application to be developed , programmer can decide which language would be more suitable to code.

How To Learn Programming ?

A career in computer programming can be very rewarding and  completely worth the time , efforts and the patience , which you need to invest , while learning the programming .

Some people might  initially find learning computer programming  a bit scary and tedious. But every programmer has to go through this learning curve  and must overcome the temptation to give up.

However, if you want be financially enough rewarded and want to be a part of industry that is going to rule every other industry,  then you need to be mentally prepared and commit yourself to take this to the logical end .    

If you have the right learning strategy in place and follow the best learning practices, then you can easily learn the computer programming  without much difficulty. Now  , Let us start with the right learning strategy in detail .

Learn To Code

Now  , Let us start with the right learning strategy in detail . The learning strategy can be summarized  in to six steps as under : 

  • Be Professionally Qualified Programmer.
  • First Learn the Fundamentals Of Computer Science And Programming
  • Learning Both Theory And Practical is Equally Important.
  • Learn the Best Programming Practices.
  • Start With Simple Programming Language.
  • Work On the Project.

Be Professionally Qualified Programmer

If you aspire to work with top notch companies , then you need to first earn a professional degree . Many potential employer prefer students with four year degree course ( Graduation ) .

However , bulk of the jobs in computer science and programming are available in midsize , small IT companies  and also in start-up companies .

In these midsize companies , there is increasing acceptance to three year diploma courses or two year courses especially from community college primarily due to a major gap in the demand and supply of qualified professionals.

Most of the top universities across the world have already started offering online courses in computer science , computer engineering and software engineering .  

With the advent of e-learning ( Online Courses ) , the students can now access these courses offered by some of the most reputed and best universities at fraction of cost .

The online courses are great option especially  for those people who are interested in shifting their career from other industries such as other branches of engineering , science or other streams. Udemy is the world’s largest e-learning portal and offers some the best courses at very reasonable price.

Learn the Fundamentals Of Computer Science And Programming

The computer programming  is just a one part of over all fields of computer science . It is advisable for a student to first acquire a foundation knowledge in computer science and programming .

The computer subjects including programming is full of technical jargon. The familiarity with this technical terms and  concepts can be a big comfort factor for a beginner . Most programming courses assume and these topics are not part of programming language courses.

The students are expected to be aware of this fundamental knowledge  before directly jump into programming .

For example , a students need to be  aware of some of the fundamental concepts in computer science .

These CS fundamental concepts include :

  • How a computer system functions ,
  • How computer memory works and organized in a computer system ,
  • How CPU executes program ,
  • How a operating system manages the system resources ,
  • What is a program compilation and why do we need to compile the program ,
  • Different types of programming paradigms.

And there are many more such important topics which will help the student to  improve his overall understanding of the subject . This foundation knowledge in computer science and programming will also offers an excellent starting point for absolute beginner.  

Learn To Code

Programming Fundamentals
Software Engineering Skills , Computer Science Fundamentals

Learn Both Theory And Practical

You may come across many articles which suggest focus on only practical knowledge but such approach will seriously limit your understanding of the subject . Many student struggle simply because of this approach .

It is important  to first understand the best programming  practices  rather than later on learning the hard way .There is no short cut available if you wish to build your programming skills.

It is equally important to have a solid understanding and knowledge of both the theoretical concepts and the practical side of the programming.

Learn the Best Programming Practices.

There are many tools available for programmers to write the program code . These tools are referred as IDE ( Integrated Development Environment ) which offers a bundle of programs which makes the programmers life much easier .

Some of the most popular and commonly used IDE includes NetBeans , eClipse , CLion and  IntelliJ .

However , despite the availability these tools , It is important to learn and practice the best coding practices . A smallest mistake in program code might flash ten lines of error report .In case of large programs , debugging is difficult and time consuming .

How to Become Programmer

Start With Simple Programming Language

If you are an absolute beginner , then It is advisable to start with simple procedural programming language such as C language . 

The C language still continues to be the preferred choice as a starting point for many students due to its simplicity and straight forwardness nature of the C language .

Most students prefer  learning the C language first and then move on to the object oriented programming language such as C++ or Java .

Learning the procedural language such as C language gives a fairly good exposure to language structure which includes , concept of variable , different data types , concept of functions , function calls , various loops , pointers  and  the language syntax .

Both Python and Java Script are also considered to be a good options for budding programmers as a first programming language .

In case case of JavaScript it is much easier to create a user interface ( UI )  . The UI will be an essential feature of your project portfolio that you can showcase to your potential employer . 

However the choice of first programming language really depends on your personal preferences.

Programming Languages
Program Control

Learn To Code

How to Write Program Code

As a computer programmer , you have options either to start coding in a simple text editor or use a fully automated programming tool such as Integrated Development Environment ( Commonly referred as IDE ).

If you choose any IDE tool to start coding your program then you will have all the tools available such as compiler , debugger , automatic  language syntax correction in a single package . But IDE may not be the best option for an absolute beginner .

Let me explain this with an example . If you wish to learn car driving and if you start learning on fully automatic car then you will not be able to learn how to change gears , clutch judgement while changing the gears because these functions are automated .

And therefore it is good practice for beginners to start writing program on a simple text editor such as Notepad OR Notepad++ .

In these simple text editors you might initially commit few mistakes but debugging program is also an essential part of the experience which every programmer must be prepared to handle.

Later on all programmers will have to start using IDE once you develop sufficient expertise in writing the code .

Learn Computer Programming

Start Working On the Project

The theoretical knowledge is  important to understand the language syntax . However it is equally important to start working simultaneously on a project where you can actually practice and  implement the knowledge you have gained .

The working on a project will also help you understand how to  logically proceed step by step in a software development project . If you wish to learn swimming then ,you got to jump into the tank .

Similarly , it is equally important to learn the theoretical programming concepts  , programming language syntax and its implementation in the actual program code.

Learn To Code Computer Program

Computer Science Areas Of Specialization

Watch an in-depth introduction to Computer Science . Learn computer science fields of study and areas of specialization.

Bottom Line

Once you learn the first programming language properly , then learning another programming  language is relatively going to be much easier.

The Object oriented programming language has relatively steeper learning curve as compared to procedural language .

And therefore , you may  start with simple programming language which you can easily learn and then move on to any object oriented programming language.

Learn Computer Science And Programming Fundamentals

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