Software Engineering Skills , Software Developer Skills

Software Engineering Skills

The software engineering skills are an important part of the professional skill set for both Software Engineers and Software Developers in order to effectively perform in a leadership role in a software development project .

Some of the most important professional skills necessary for a Software Engineer and Software developer include professional qualifications and certifications , Programming Expertise , Team management skills , Mathematical and Analytical skills , Planning And Execution skills , training and coaching skills , knowledge of automation tools and best coding Practices and high degree of Creativity.

In this article we are going to discuss each of these skill in detail and its relevance for both Software Engineer and a Software developer.

Top Ten Software Engineering Skills

For Software Engineers And Software Developers

The software engineering is the branch of computer science that deals with the development of software application to solve a specific problem. The software engineering is a part of applied computer science . The software engineer is also alternately referred as software developer but the two roles slightly differ. However , in the job market , these two roles practically means the same.

The Computer System consist of  both Hardware And Software . The software components can be of two types . First type is system software and the second type is application software . The system software components such as device drivers , utility programs are managed by the operating system to communicate with the specific hardware components. Whereas the application software provide an interface to the user to perform various tasks .

Professional Qualifications And Certification

Although computer science jobs are skill set based jobs but the requisite professional qualification or certification related to computer science does provide a credibility to your candidature for any position .

And therefore, it is advisable to have a degree in either computer science or computer engineering or any such equivalent qualification . Most employer companies do conduct necessary screening tests to access the professional skills required for the position .

These screening tests also gives a fair opportunity to  the candidates who graduate either from the school of experience or there are many online e-learning portals which offer a quality online education .

Programming And Coding Skills

The programming and coding skills are prerequisite skills for most of the roles in software development . Most computer science or computer engineering degree curriculum include and teach programming languages such as  C , C++ , Java , Python , Java Script and other programming languages .

It is important for the candidate to be familiar with computer science fundamentals , data structures and algorithms , programming languages  and debugging the code . Most candidate develop these expertise as they start working on the various software development projects .

Most reputed employers also conduct periodic training sessions and technical skill enhancement programs for their employees to upgrade their technical programming skills .

Computer Science Fundamentals
Programming Fundamentals

Problem Solving Skills And Logical Thinking

The software applications are primarily developed to solve a specific problem . The software development project typically involves integration several modules and each module might consist of several thousand lines of code written by many programmers .

All software products go through gregarious debugging and software testing process to ensure the quality of the final software product . And therefore , during the development process , the development team has to overcome many problems . The problem solving skills are indispensable part of  the job in any role in software development process .

The analytical skill is an important skill for a software developer to analyse the large and complex problems generally associated with any software development projects .

Team Management Skills

Most software projects involves a considerable amount of team work . The software project team might include  many employees  working on the same project . The computer engineer or software developer  might handle a team of programmers and other members working on the project .

The team management skill requires leadership , soft skills , result orientation and excellent communication  skills to drive team to achieve the assigned objectives . The team management skill is an essential skill for any leadership role .

Training And Coaching Skills

It is desirable for a candidates working either  as a software  engineer or as a software developer to effectively function as a trainer and support the training function within the organization .

Most software developers and engineers are required to provide the technical guidance and coaching to their team mates depending upon their domain expertise.  The employees working especially in leadership roles must develop and demonstrate  effective training skills .

High Degree Of Creativity

The software development is both science and also an art . The software development involves lot of creativity . The painter expresses his creativity in the paintings . Similarly , the programmer expresses his creativity in his programs . An element of creativity is the most under rated skill which adds significant value to any software project .

A software developer is expected to be creative in terms new ideas for developing new software applications that are useful to the user . The element of  creativity is also important in terms of   designing user interfaces  and overall look and feel of the software product  which is an important part of user experience.

The user experience is a very important performance parameter these days especially in the context of web development.

Planning And Execution Skills

The software developers typically work with technology  companies that design software for the client companies . The software engineer and developer work on the software projects being designed  to meet the requirements.

The software project involve several activities which can be either concurrent or interdependent . The software engineer must carefully plan these activities being carried out by many people part of the software development team.

The software developer must meticulously plan and execute the software development project  to avoid  any cost and time overrun .

Project Management Skills

The project management is the primary responsibility of the project manager . However, it is important for the entire project management team to be conscious of the project management objectives .

 The software development projects are required to be delivered within the budgeted cost and stipulated time-frame. And therefore ,it is important for the software development team  to carefully plan and execute several activities that are required to be completed within constrains to achieve the desired results .

Depending upon the scale of the software development project , the project management team should make use of project management tools to  complete the project within budgeted resources.

And therefore , project management skills are important for software engineer and software developers working in leadership roles .

Expertise In

Software Development Automation Tools

The software developer must develop expertise in using software development automation tools such as Integrated Development Environment ( IDE ) . An IDE is a group of software tools bundled together to provide some essential tools to the software developer .

An IDE typically consist of  a code editor, a compiler or interpreter, a debugger and other tools . The software developer can access these tools  through a single common Graphical User Interface (GUI ).

Depending upon the type of the software application to be developed , the software engineer can make use of  these IDE tools . There are many IDE tools available for software development .

The IDE makes it possible for the software development team to write a clean code incorporating the best coding practices which is easier to read and maintain.

IDE For Software Developer

Best Standard Software Coding Practices

The software development team must adopt and consistently implement the best industry coding standards to avoid any potential problems during the development stage and also after the post implementation stage .

In case of large and complex software development project , the complexity of the project can be minimized by implementing the standard coding practices . The implementation of  best coding practices results a much cleaner code that is relatively easier to read and maintain .

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