How To Create A Blog

How To Create A Blog

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If you are looking for comprehensive resource on how to create a blog and earn money, then this article will guide step by step in creating your own successful blog .  A blog is simply  a web page on which you can publish your content pertaining to any specific topic of your interest.

The blogging is a great hobby , passion , a full-time profession and also money making machine if do it the right way . You can create a blog on any topic of your interest such as gardening , home décor , travelling , technology  , health , Cooking , education or any topic that might interest you .

If you are thinking of starting a blog or you may have already started one and interested in making it successful then  you need to learn the necessary skills for building a blog.

In this article , I am going to share my expertise , experience and some important tips and knowledge about how to create a blog , how to select the blog topic ( Blog Niche ) , Which blogging platform is best , how to write the blog content , how to monetize your blog and earn money.

How To Create A Blog

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What Is A Blog ?

A blog is simply a website or a web page that contains information on any specific topic that people might be looking for to solve their problem . A blog could be a single page website or a multiple page website .

A blogger has many options to create a blog . The blog can be created using different web technologies . The most simple and commonly used way to create a blog is by using blogging platforms such as Blogger , WordPress , Tumbler , other CMS Content Management Systems  Or it could be a self hosted blog.

How To Start A Blog

A  blogs is created keeping in mind a specific topic which is referred as a blog Niche  in the blogging jargon .The information and the  blog content is published on the  blog in the form of a blog posts .

A blog generally contains number of posts and each post presents information about a specific subject related to the main blog topic ( Blog Niche ) . For example a health blog might contain blog posts related to healthy lifestyle , health issues and remedies , healthy recipes , weight loss  , fitness exercises , yoga and other such health related topics.

How To Create A Blog ?

What Is Blogging ?

The term blogging can be defined as an art and science of creating a blog that addresses a specific topic  which people are searching to find solution . The term blogging includes building a blog using any suitable blogging platform , writing content in the form of blog posts and performing other activities to manage the blog .

There has been a remarkable rise in both people who are looking for the information on the internet and also the number of blogs that are being created every day . The successful blogging now requires many skills such as content writing , content marketing , digital marketing and other technical skills helpful to manage the blog .

Learn To Blog Successfully

As a result , the blogging has now become fiercely competitive and it takes considerable amount of time and efforts to rank the blog on the Google search results . Google has also continuously improved its algorithm which is responsible to rank the different websites based on number of ranking factors.

The blogging has also evolved over a period of last few decades . The initial blogs were simple web pages and the blog post content was mostly  in text  . Now the blogs are created with modern trendy looks using latest templates.

How to Create A Blog ?

9 Easy Steps To Create Your Blog

  • Select The Blog Niche
  • Register The Domain Name.
  • Buy Suitable Hosting Plan.
  • Design And Develop The Blog
  • Upload The Blog On The Web Server
  • Regularly Publish Blog Posts.
  • Market Your Blog To Get The Traffic.
  • Monetize Your Blog.
  • Update And Manage Your Blog.

How to Select Blog Niche ( Topic ) ?

Before starting a blog it is important do a proper research on the viability of the blog. If you intend to blog as a hobby then you can select any topic ( Niche ) as per your interest . However if you intend to monetize the blog and earn money then prior keyword research will help you generate money from the blog at the earliest .

It is advisable to select the blog topic ( Niche ) in which you have developed expertise , knowledge , skills and sharing this knowledge can potentially benefit many people . The blogging is a long term game and therefore, by selecting the blog niche that interest you the most will help you consistently write quality content.

Profitable Niche

The people search for solutions to their problems on the internet . The search term  used by the user in the search engine  ( Google ) is referred as keyword .  The keywords indicates the search intent and Google displays the search results that matches the search intent .

In order examine the viability of your blog niche, you need to first find the various important keywords that are being used pertaining to your blog topic . For example, if your blog topic is health and fitness then people are looking for information on weight loss . The keyword related to weight loss could be :

How to Select Blog Niche

Once you have identified the various keywords related to your blog Niche , the next step is to find the search volume , CPC ( Cost Per Click ) and the competition index associated with each of these keywords .

There are many keyword research tools ( both free and Paid ) available in the market . The free keyword research tool include “Keyword Everywhere” as a Google Chrome extension. It is important to examine these  three parameters for each keyword to ensure that you select the correct blog niche .

In order to ensure the financial viability of your blog , select the topic that has reasonable level of search volume , high cost per click ( CPC ) and low competition. It is important to first research different blog monetization options before selecting the blog niche.

How To Create A Blog ?

Select The Blogging Platform

After deciding the blog niche , the next step is to select  the blogging platform . There are many options available for a blogger to create and publish the blog . Some of these prominent Blogging platform options include :

Blogging Platforms , Blogging Websites

Each of these blogging platform comes with different advantages and some limitations . However , amongst these blogging platforms, the self hosted and Google owned continues to be the most popular options amongst the blogger community .

The self hosted WordPress  is the largest blogging platform that powers more than 52% websites . The which offers the self hosting option and gives the maximum control to the blogger . To create a blog with , the user can register a domain and buy any suitable hosting plan. The host provider access to the C Panel through which the user can control and manage the website ( Blog ) .

How To Write A Blog Post ?

Once the blog is ready and live on the web server , the next step is to write the blog posts on the various topics related to the blog niche .  The content writing is a specialist job and the most crucial factor for the success of any blog . The Google is the largest search engine which generally controls over 80% of the web organic traffic .

The Google is looking for the best content and the Google algorithm is intelligent enough to provide the best content to the user that matches the search intent . And therefore, it is important for successful blogging to do a proper keyword research and then write the blog posts targeting different keywords related to your blog niche .

  • Know the Search Intent Of your audience.
  • Write Unique And Detailed well formatted posts .
  • Improve Post Presentation with Images.
  • Write attractive Compelling Post Headlines.
  • Use Subheadings ( H1 To H6 Heading Types ) .
  • Use Lists , Tables And Bullet Points.
  • Add Images with Alt Tags And Description.
  • Optimize the Post Content for SEO.
  • Add Comments Section For Post Engagement.
  • Add Call-to-action Buttons.
  • Share your post links on the social media.
  • Regularly Update the Post Content .

How To Optimize Your Blog Posts ?

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

The search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is one of the most important aspect for the success of your blog . In simple term , the SEO is  all about making the content of your blog search engine friendly . The Google regularly publish guidelines to improve the website performance on the Google search results.

The SEO techniques can be broadly grouped into two groups .

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO

Optimizing Blog Post For On Page SEO

The On Page SEO deals with the content writing techniques to make the website content more search engine friendly. The On Page SEO is done  by making the necessary changes  on the web page Or while writing a blog post.

The On Page SEO include keyword targeting in the page and post title , defining the meta description, page or post content text length , content headings , Hierarchy of sub headings , defining the image attributes , establishing internal and external links , using list , tables and bullet points , Optimum use of keywords and keyword synonyms .

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Optimizing Blog Post For Off Page SEO

The Off Page SEO is another important aspect that affect the Google ranking . The Off Page SEO techniques include the external link building that can be achieved with the help of link building strategy .

The external link is created when other website include the link in their content which points to one of the web pages in your website. For Google this external link which points to your website is a positive signal which improves your SEO score .

When you consistently produce a quality content in your blog which include in-depth information about the blog post topic and sometimes the post might also contain images Or info graphics  that  adds lot of value to the post . Other websites might find this information very valuable and include the reference link in their content .

And therefore link building happens naturally over a period of time especially when your blog contains valuable information .

How To Create A Blog ?

How To Market Your Blog ?

Once  your blog is ready and you have also posted number of blog posts. Now your wait begins for the visitors to your blog. The free traffic from Google is going to take some time .Getting traffic to your  blog is not an easy task especially during the initial phase of your blog when your blog is just launched .

The blogger has to initiate number of steps proactively to generate the traffic . It important for a new blogger to understand the potential of the social media platforms in driving traffic to your blog . The social media is a great forum and consistently source of audience for your blog content .

Building a blog and crating content is relatively easier but getting a regular traffic to your blog needs consistent marketing efforts on your part .

How To Create A Blog ?

10 Proven Marketing Techniques For Your Blog

  • Be active on the social media.
  • Participate on discussion forums online.
  • Prompt the Readers to comment And Share Your Posts .
  • Make social sharing easy on your blog.
  • Publish your post links On Q&A Forums. ( QUORA ).
  • Establish Contact with other competitors.
  • Publish Videos on YouTube And Facebook.
  • Write gust blog posts on other blogs .
  • Create stunning Info graphics for Your Content.

How To Monetize Your Blog ?

Blogging is a long term game which requires your investment in terms of your considerable amount of time , efforts and other fixed expenses necessary to run the blog . And therefore, monetizing your is a right move which makes the blogging a financially viable option.

As a blogger , now you have plenty of options to monetize your blog and earn money . These options include .

  • Google Adsence
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Offering Banner Advertisements.
  • Sponsored Blog Post .
  • Email Marketing Services.
  • By Selling e-books.
  • By Selling Courses .
  • By Selling Digital Products .
  • By Selling Coaching Services .
  • By Selling Sponsorship.

How To Create A Blog ?

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