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Full Stack Developer

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10 Essential Skills For Full Stack Developer

The Full Stack Developer is a web design and development professional with both client side and server side programming skills . In other words a full shack developer can work on front end ( Client side ) and back end ( Server side ).

According to Stack  Overflow Developers Survey Report 2019 , The full stack development professionals are amongst the most sought after in the industry and also the highest paid professionals.

In this article , we will discuss in detail what is full stack developer , essential skills , job description , industry demand and latest salary trends .

You will also learn the full stack development related terminology .

Full Stack Developer

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What Is Full Stack Developer ?

The websites and web applications work on the client server architecture . The computer user access the internet through a browser such as Google chrome and Internet explorer .

In computer jargon ( web application architecture ) the  browser program which sends the request for the information across the internet is referred as client.

Whereas, the web server on which the web application is hosted provides the service ( Data Or information ) to the client computer ( browser program ).

Website Design ,Full Stack Developer , Web Application Architecture

During the initial phase of website and web application development , the programming tasks and its related technology were mainly divided into two groups depending upon either as service provider or a service receiver.

Front End Developer ( Client Side Technology ).

Back End Developer ( Server Side Technology ).

Front End Developer

Client Side Programming

The  client side programming part is referred as front end development which provides an interface application to the user to access any resource on the web.

The web design and front end development programmers are referred as front end developers . The front end developers build the web pages , design user interfaces and handles the client side programming tasks .   

What is Web Design
What is Web Development

Back End Developer

Server Side Programming

The  server side programming part is referred as back end development which provides processing functionality to the application and responds to the user to the user requests for any resource on the web server.

As the web design and development technology evolved , it became necessarily for the software development industry to train software developers having expertise in both  Client side programming ( front end ) as well as server side programming ( back end ) .

Client Server Architecture
Full Stack Developer . Client Server Architecture , Server Stack

Full Stack Developer

Client And Server Side Programming

The word stack is used to refers to the bundle of technology . The full stack developer is a software professional having expertise in both client side and server side technology .

The full stack developer may be required to work on a project that might involve both front end programming as well as back end programming.

The front end programming include designing user interfaces and the back end programming may include server side programming such as database design or server side coding for business logic.

Full Stack Developer , Client Server Architecture

Front End Developer

Front End Programming And Technology

The front end programming languages essentially include HTML , CSS And JavaScript code . The web pages are created using  these three basic components that defines the structure , style and the functionality of the web page.

  1. HTML

2.  CSS

CSS , Cascading Style Sheets

3.   JavaScript


What Is HTML ?

Hyper Text Mark-up Language

The HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language . The HTML is a standard mark up language used to create web pages .

The web browser program on the client machine that sends the http request for specific web resource . This browser program can interpret HTML code.

The web server responds to the  http requests and sends the corresponding HTML , CSS and JavaScript code files for that web page to display. The browser then displays this web page to the user.

The HTML code is used to define the structure of the web page . The HTML code consist of  number of tags which are short codes written as per HTML language syntax specified by W3C .

Full Stack Developer

How Web Page Is Displayed ?

How Website Works , What Is A Web Page

The World Wide Web Consortium (  W3C ) is an international community  organisation  responsible for development and standardization of  HTML language.

What Is CSS ?

Cascading Style Sheets

The CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet  which a standard language that defines the presentation of the web page in a browser.

The CSS imparts a particular style to the web page in terms of  looks of the page contents displayed in a browser . This include text  font style , color , background color , image and other typographical details.

The CSS code is placed in a separate file on the web server along with other files of the web pages . The web server also sends the CSS file to the browser in response to the http request.

The browser then displays the  various html code elements for the page as per the presentation style defined in the corresponding CSS file.

What Is HTML , HTML , Full Stack Developer
Full Stack Developer , What Is CSS , CSS , Cascading Style Sheets

There are three options to use the CSS code to define the page style .

In the first option , the CSS code can be embedded right into the HTML code . The second option is referred as internal CSS code where the CSS code is placed in the head section of the HTML code .

The third option to define the page style by using a separate CSS file.

Full Stack Developer

What Is JavaScript ?

The JavaScript is a programming language extensively used for all types of web programming tasks . The JavaScript has evolved and now transformed as most popular and versatile language especially for web developers .

Initially JavaScript was mainly being used to make the web pages dynamic that is  to make the web pages interactive.

The HTML and CSS can create only static pages and therefore , the JavaScript programming language is used to add functionality to the web pages for user interaction.

Full Stack Developer , JavaScript

By using JavaScript code we can make the web page responsive to various user actions define the page behavior . The JavaScript code can add special effects and animations to the web page elements.

The JavaScript programming language is a now amongst the must know skill set for any web development professional  especially for the full stack developer.

Full Stack Developer

9 Essential Skills For Full Stack Developer

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