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Computer engineering is an interdisciplinary field of study in computer science that spans across predominantly in computer science  , electrical engineering and digital electronics .

The computer engineering profession endeavors to innovate and develop the technology  necessary to build the smarter , faster and affordable computing platforms . 

And therefore , the computer engineer has to study and develop skills ,  expertise in many fields .

The applications of The computer engineering have revolutionized every industry we can possibly think of.  And today , the human world is now dependent on computers . 

And therefore , computer engineering professionals are in great demand across all industries.

So , If you are a student and exploring the computer engineering as a career option , then you will find this information  very useful in your endeavor to become a successful computer science professional.

Computer Engineering

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What Is Computer Engineering ?

Computer engineering is a branch of engineering that integrates several fields of computer science , electrical engineering and digital electronics required to develop faster , smarter and more powerful computing devices .

The computer system integrates both  hardware and software technology . In order to develop new innovative technology , the computer engineer has to study and master different skills spanning across many disciplines.

The computer system is a digital electronic machine . That means computer hardware components have been programmed to interpret only machine code instructions in binary.

Computer System Components CE Subjects
Computer Hardware Components CE Subjects

The computer engineer writes system software such as device drivers ( a system program ) so that the operating system can communicate with hardware components. 

The computer engineer also work extensively in the field of artificial Intelligence and robotics .

The computer engineering involves the design and integration of  both hardware and software components . 

The computer hardware components include microprocessor , micro-controller , computer bus system , power supply and other components.

Computer Engineer Job Description

What Do Computer Engineers Do ?

The computer engineers are professionally trained and gain expertise in both software and hardware technology . 

The computer engineer study and gain the knowledge in computer science ( Theoretical And Applied Computer Science ) , Electrical Engineering and also in Digital Electronics .

The computer engineering curriculum also includes subjects in computer programming languages . The programming languages include C language , C++ , Java , Python , JavaScript and other languages.

Due to ever increasing demand for computer programmers and software developers, many computer engineering students are employed in jobs as a software engineer Or as a computer programmer.  

And therefore , the computer engineer can be employed in many industries and can effectively perform many tasks  depending upon the industry needs . The job profile and the job description generally include following activities :

Computer Engineer Job Description

Applications Of Computer Engineering

The computer engineers work and hired by many industries . The computer engineer is a highly skilled professional who has expertise in many fields to effectively perform different roles.

Some of prominent industries with high demand of computer engineers include  manufacturing , engineering , aviation , medical equipment manufacturing , Information Technology ( IT ) companies ,   Military Services , Government Institutions , education and these are just few names .

Applications Of CE
Applications Of CE
Applications Of CE

Computer Engineering Subjects

The Computer Engineering courses are offered by most of the Universities in US and as well as in other countries . Most of the courses have fair degree of uniformity  in terms of subjects included in the syllabus .

In the US , the Computer Engineering courses could be joined at  Associate Degree  ( Generally Two Years ) , Bachelors Degree ( Generally Four Years ) , Masters Degree  ( Generally Two Years Post Graduation ) and Doctorate program ( Phd ) .

CE Subjects

Depending upon the level and tenure of the course , the course contents might differ . Most of the Universities and colleges offer additional elective subjects that students can select .

The Computer Engineering courses also include the  lab work practical and the project to be completed at the end of the course . 

Computer Engineering Subjects

Computer Engineering Salary

The computer engineering degree can get you a well paid job with a good corporate brand . The CE students are employed in many industries since the computer science degree combines the skills from both computer science and electrical engineering.

Most Surveys and reports indicates that  the average salary for computer engineering jobs  is more than 50% higher than the average National salary in the United States of America. 

These surveys , reports also indicates  a steady increase in the demand for computer engineers nationwide across all industries.

Computer Engineering Salary In US

Source - US Bureau Of Labor Statistics ( BLS )

Computer Engineering Salary 2019

The CE salaries depends upon many factors such as industry , qualification , years of experience , technical skills and expertise in CE and location . 

As per surveys and reports published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income for computer engineering profession was $108,430 in 2014 and the top-earners make more than $160,000 per annum. These figures were $ 117840 and $ 172630 respectively for year 2019.

The CE Salaries also varies amongst the regions and industries. In CE the Scientific research and Hardware engineering jobs pays a more modest wages. 

Whereas the computer hardware equipment manufacturing and system software ( Coding Device drivers ) jobs are relatively more lucrative.

How To Pick The Right Major ?

Computer Science Vs Computer Engineering

If you are a student and exploring which major to pick then you may have to pick a major between computer science and computer engineering. 

The computer engineering focuses more on the hardware and system architecture .Whereas the computer science focuses more on theoretical CS .

Most colleges and universities offer different Associate Degree and Bachelors Degree programs under umbrella of computer engineering . 

The computer engineering primarily focuses on the application computer science and electrical engineering science for development for new computing platforms and devices.

Programming Fundamentals
Software Engineering Skills , Computer Science Fundamentals

The curriculum for both the majors in the first year ( two semesters ) generally covers the fundamentals of computer system and programming

This foundation knowledge includes computer system architecture , memory unit , microprocessor , operating systems and other system hardware components.

The computer programming fundamentals includes basic programming foundation knowledge such as programming approaches , program statements , variables , various loops , defining function , function call , program compilation and execution . The programming languages include C , C++ And  Java.

Computer Science Vs Computer Engineering

Bachelor Programs in Computer Engineering in USA 2019

The USA offers extensive options for computer engineering education . Most of the leading Universities and educations offers Bachelors , Associate degrees in computer engineering.

The computer engineering degrees are preferred choice for many students due to the consistent demand for computer engineering students by the industry. 

The US universities offer wide range of courses for bachelor’s degrees in computer engineering.

The computer engineering degrees offered in the USA  include  subjects from theoretical and applied computer science , electronics and electrical engineering. 

The student will also learn other subjects from other core subjects from computer science and electrical engineering . 

Top Computer Engineering Universities In US

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