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The computer science fields of study includes the study of many subjects spanning across many disciplines because computer science is inherently an interdisciplinary science .

The computer science study   essentially involves  both the theoretical principles  and its practical implementation . The computer science fields of study also overlap on each others subject domain.

In this article , we will explore various computer science fields of study , research areas , latest trends in CS studies. This is a comprehensive resource for international students who wish to study computer science in the US.

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What Is Computer Science ?

In most simple terms , computer science is the study of computer design , architecture and the application of this knowledge in actual practice.

The computer science is also  defined as  a  branch  of  engineering  science that deals with the study of computer technology , its design principles and applications of the computer system in various fields.

The computers have occupied a indispensable position in human world  and  we are moving towards the machine age . The applications of computer science in every spear of human activity have transformed  the world around us .

What is CS
What is Computer Science

The developments in computer science, both in the software and hardware domain have expanded the research areas . The technological inventions in computer related technology  have impacted every industry we can possibly think of .

The  artificial intelligence field of study in computer science has evolved in some real world applications .

The surgeons are now operating on patients with far more precision with the help of robotic arm. The cars are now being driven with the help of auto-pilot and on-board computer. And therefore, computer science has emerged as a very important knowledge to gain .

Computer Science Fields Of Study

Computer Science Fields Of Study

Computer Science Fields Of Study

Why Computer Science Is Interdisciplinary ?

The computer science is said to be an interdisciplinary science . The computer science fields of study involves combining many disciplines.

The computer science fields of study include mathematics , statistics , digital electronics , computer hardware  and software , programming languages , data structures and algorithms.

The CS also draws knowledge from many other disciplines such as electrical engineering , data science and digital electronics.

There are many fields of study in computer science which do not fall exactly  into  a particular discipline but rather into a overlapping of two or more disciplines .

And therefore , the computer science fields of study includes the study of many inter related disciplines .

Computer Science Is Interdisciplinary

The interdisciplinary nature of CS and the approach for computer science programs offered allows the students to learn by studying different disciplines and their interrelationship.

This approach also helps the students to study the conceptual connections between the theoretical principles and how its applications that are spread across different disciplines.

In this approach the  students are able to simultaneously apply the knowledge gained in one discipline into other disciplines  in order to enhance their learning experience.

Computer Science Fields Of Study

Computer Science Research Areas

The field of computer science spans across several core areas such as theoretical computer science, computer hardware systems, software systems, database systems , discrete mathematics and scientific computing.

Since the scope of computer science fields is pretty vast , the students need to be aware of the these sub-disciplines with varying levels of specialization depending on the desired application of the computer science degree.

Although in most degree courses the  specialization will come into effect  at the graduate level. However , It is important for student to know the existence various sub-disciplines within computer science.

The students can then opt for an appropriate area of specialization depending upon the personal preference and the scope of the course curriculum .

Theoretical Computer Science
Applied Computer Science Operating System
Applied CS Intelligent System
Applied Computer science Application Development

Computer Science Fields Of Study

Computer Science Fields Of Study

Computer Science Fields Of Study

Data Structures

The efficiency of the software application also depends upon how efficiently the program data is handled and manipulated by the program . The program needs a formal structure to represent the data and the permitted operations on these data items .

The data structure is a manner in which the data ( Information ) is organized and represents the relationship amongst various data elements . The data structure also defines the set of operations allowed and that can be performed on the data elements

Data Structure Types
Primitive Data Structures

The most common operations allowed in a particular data structure might include data storage , data deletion , data search and data sorting .

The study of data structure helps the computer science students to develop a robust underlying structure for program to efficiently organize the program data and the set of operations designed to operate on the data .


Each computer program implements a specific algorithm . The  Efficiency  of  the  computer system  to solve a particular problem depends upon  the  efficiency  of the program code  which  directs the computer to solve that problem  in a particular manner.

Before writing a computer program code , the programmer has to first decide the logic of the program and then translate this logic in to the sequence of logical steps , which implements that logic  to solve  the problem  in a particular manner .

This procedure represented in terms of logical steps which leads to solution is referred as algorithm .

There can be many possible solution to a problem. And therefore , a programmers must logically think  and explore different  algorithms to find  the best possible algorithm that provides the solution  which is most efficient .

Data Structure

Computer Science Fields Of Study

Computer Hardware

The computer system consist of both  software and hardware components . The study of computer hardware is an important discipline within the  computer science fields of study .

The computer system hardware components include all the physical and tangible components which are either part of the computer system itself or connected to the system to perform specific task .

The internal hardware components which are mounted inside the computer cabinet include the system case , motherboard , SMPS power supply unit , RAM modules , Cooling fan , connection cables and buses , internal disk memory hard disk   , CDROM  drives and the microprocessor .

Computer Hardware
Computer System Hardware

The external hardware components are also referred as peripheral devices such as mouse , monitor , keyboard , printer , speaker and so on .

The computer technology is rapidly evolving due to technological inventions in both software and hardware domain .

 The study of hardware component and the hardware technology helps the computer science students to develop interest in this computer science fields of study .

Computer Science Fields Of Study

Computer Software

The computer system consist of both  software and hardware components . The study of computer software components  is an important discipline within the  computer science fields of study .

The study of software components can be split into two sub-disciplines  which includes

Application Software

System Software

The application software are developed for system users to provide an interface to perform a specific task on the computer system .

Whereas the system software components are developed by the system components manufacturing companies . The system software is a special software  which is necessary to interact with the specific hardware components .

Both application software and system software are highly specialist major disciplines within computer science fields of study. Most computer science students generally opt for any one of these fields of study  for specialization .

Application Software
System Software

Computer System Architecture

The computer architecture is a specialist discipline within a computer science which defines the system features and specifications .

The system architects specify the specifications to be used  for designing a computer system  or a  platform .

The computer architecture provides the details of the software technology and hardware components to be used to design  a computer  system   or   a platform in terms of technical features and the performance parameters .

The system architectural specifications may not endorse a specific brand for the components to be used .

Computer System Architecture

The study of computer system Architecture is a specialization within computer science fields of study . This field helps the computer science students to develop expertise as a  system architect .

Computer Science Fields Of Study

Discrete Mathematics

This is a general perception amongst aspirants for computer science that CS students need to be good in mathematics .

The computer science being a interdisciplinary science, the students mainly study discrete  mathematics.   There are many subjects in CS which does not need study of mathematics .

The Discrete Mathematics is a branch of mathematics that deals with  discrete elements and uses algebra and arithmetic. The Discrete Mathematics extensively  being used  in the practical fields of mathematics and computer science.

 The study of discrete mathematics helps the students of computer science to develop the logical reasoning skills  and the problem-solving capabilities.

Computer Science Fields Of Study


The statistics is a branch of mathematics which deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of massive amount  of numerical data for its some meaningful application.

The data science has emerged in the recent past as one of the most important  and fastest growing discipline in the fields of computer science .

The Data science is a multi-disciplinary field which is derived from mathematics and statistics being two fundamental building blocks of data science

Statistics , Computer Science Fields Of Study
Statistics , Computer Science Fields Of Study

Importance Of Statistics In Computer Science

The study and applications of statistics is an indispensible part of almost all the branches of  science and technology including the computer science .

The statistical models are extensively used in various fields of computer science to model the complex problems .

The computers are used to solve the complex problems and also for decision making by analyzing the large volumes of data .

The knowledge of statistics becomes important for designing an algorithm to solve the complex problems.

The data science has emerged as one of the fastest growing field of study in computer science  and the statistical analysis is an important element of data science .

Computer Science Fields Of Study

Data Science

The data science makes use of  scientific methods, mathematical models , processes, algorithms and systems to convert very large volumes of data into first information and then to  knowledge from both structured and unstructured data. The processed data can be used for some meaningful purpose.

The study of statistics is an integral part of data science .  The study of statistics helps the students of computer science to develop the analytical  skills  necessary to analyse the large volumes of data .

Data Science
Data Science

Computer Science Areas Of Study

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is another most sought after discipline for specialization for a computer science student . Artificial intelligence a branch of computer science that aims to build an intelligent machines that can imitate human behaviour . The Machine learning is also a core part of AI

Artificial intelligence has become an essential part of every technology driven industry we can possibly think of . The research and development in  artificial intelligence is highly technical and specialized field in computer science.

The study of Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly popular amongst students due every increasing demand of qualified AI professionals .

Computer Science Sub-disciplines . Move To Top.

Computer Science Fields Of Study

Computer Programming

The computer needs to be directed in order to execute any task on the computer system . And therefore , computer program is essential feature of every computer system.

The computer program consists of number of program statements and each of these statement performs a specific task.

The computer system understands only binary language which consists of only two numbers that is 0 and 1. However , writing a program in binary is very difficult and hence, computer programs are usually written using programming language which is human friendly.

The computer programs written in using any programming language and later on converted to machine code in binary by using a special program called compiler. This compiled code is executed by the computer.

Programming Languages , Computer science Fields of Study
Program Compilation , CS Fields Of Study

There are many programming languages used for computer programming . Each of these programming language is best suited for developing a particular type of software application.

Some of the most popular languages include C , C++ , Java , Python , JavaScript , GO , C# ( C Sharp ) , PHP , Kotlin , MS .Net , SQL and there are many more .

The programming language is one of the most popular computer science fields of study that attracts large number of students as a career option.

The computer programmers or software developers are hired in large numbers every year and the programming community is the single largest group in computer science.

Top 10 Programming Languages 2019

Top 10 Programming Languages 2019

Computer Science Fields Of Study

Database Management System


The Database Management System ( DBMS ) is software application used to provide database functionality to any software .

Let us say if you are developing a e-commerce portal ( web application ) for a retail brand then you will need a DBMS ( Such as MySQL or Oracle Or MS SQL Server ) to store product and customer information.

RDBMS , Commonly Used DBMS , Database Management System

The DBMS allows us to develop  a software application for creating , managing and administering the databases. The DBMS also provides the necessary tools required for the design and development of databases.

The DBMS programming skills are amongst the highest paid software professionals .

The DBMS is an essential feature for most of the software projects whether you are working on an enterprise software development project or you may be developing a small website.

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