Web Design And Development

Web Design And Development

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The web design and development has emerged as one the most important discipline for the students of computer science

The revolution in the internet technology , advancement in mobile computing technology and  the wide spread use of mobile devices had profound impact on many businesses and human activities.

The website is now an indispensible part of every business that we can possibly think of and the digital marketing is the new buzz word. 

The websites are now extensively being used as a versatile marketing tool that plays a significant role  in driving the sales in addition to traditional roles.

The business corporations are making  huge investments in ramping up their presence on the internet. And therefore, the people with web design and development skills are in great demand .  

What is Web Design
What is Web Development

What Is Web Design And Web Development

The web design and development is a specialist job that requires expertise in web design as well as web development. The web design takes care of the website presentation whereas the web development handles the functionality . 

The web design needs artistic skills and the web development which makes the website dynamic and interactive needs the programming skills . The web development provides the functionality to the websites and web applications .

As website design and development technology has progressed over a period of last few decades and the web design professional has now many options to offer best solution for specific requirements .

Web Design And Development

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What Is A Website ?

A website is a collection of web pages that can be accessed through internet any time . A website can be a single page website OR It may contain number of web pages .

A web page is a document that can be accessed and viewed in a web browser. A web browser is a special software ( Such as MS Internet Explorer , Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox )  that has been designed to access and display the web pages to the user . The browser is often referred as client . 

What Is Website , What Is Web Page

The web browser is program through which the user can access and interacts with the website . Some of the most commonly used web browsers include Google chrome , MS Internet Explorer , Mozzarella Firefox. 

The web browser can understand and display any web page that has been created using a HTML , CSS and JavaScript.

The HTML is a mark-up language ( HTML – Hyper Text Mark-up Language ). The CSS  ( Cascading Style Sheet ) is a web page styling language . And the JavaScript which is a programming language .

How Website Works | Website URL | Web Sever

Web Design And Development

What Is Website , How Website Works

What Is A Web Page ?

A website consist of one or many web pages. Each web page also has unique URL ( Uniform Resource Locator ). 

There are three essential components of a web page . These three components include HTML , CSS and JavaScript . Each of these element performs a specific role while rendering a web page into the web browser.

What Is HTML , CSS And JavaScript ?

The HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language .The HTML is a mark-up language which provides a structure to the web page.

The CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.  The CSS handles the styling of the web pages in terms of its presentation in to the web browser . The CSS imparts a specific style such as text formatting ( size , color , font type ). 

The JavaScript is scripting language which makes web pages interactive and makes the web page dynamic. The JS handles the programming part and defines the web page behavior to various user actions.

What Is HTML , HTML , Full Stack Developer
Full Stack Developer , What Is CSS , CSS , Cascading Style Sheets

What Is A Web Page ?

When user types a search text in a browser , the browser sends this request to the search engine such as Google. The search engine then presents search results to the user .

The user then clicks on a specific search item and this request for a specific web page is sent to the web server where the web page is located . 

The web server then send this web page files  ( HTML , CSS , JavaScript ) to the web browser . The web browser then displays the web page to the user .

How Website Works , What Is A Web Page

A typical web page consist of three components ( HTML , CSS , JavaScript ) . The HTML  ( Hypertext Markup Language  ) is a markup language  Or a type of  computer language  which actually renders the web page .  

The HTML code describes the layout, format and the content of a web page. The Web browser then renders the web page as per the HTML code.

What Is A Web Page ?

What Is HTML , CSS And JavaScript ?

CSS , Cascading Style Sheets

Web Design And Development

What is Internet ?

The Internet is the global system of inter-connected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite ( TCP / IP ) to link the various devices worldwide. 

The internet is said to be a network of networks that consists of private, public, academic, business, and government networks of local to global scope .

The internet is a network of global scale that is linked by using different types of  electronic, wireless, and optical fiber  networking  technologies. The Internet works on client server architecture .

What Is Internet

How Website Works ?

Website Works On Clint Server Architecture

The internet is a computer network of global scale which works on the client server architecture . 

In Computer network architecture , some  computers send the requests for information or service  and  avail these services OR  receives the   information  OR data  sent by another computer . Such computers are referred as clients machines .

Whereas , more powerful computers are assigned the role to processes  these  http requests sent by the client machines and  provide the necessary data or  service  to the clients machines  . Such computers  are referred as  servers . A server is a service provider on the internet.

Web Design And Development

Clint Server Architecture

Client Server Architecture

The computer user initiates the request for a web page . The browser then sends this request to the DNS Sever

The DNS Server locates the Web Server where the website is hosted  and  translates the URL into IP address of the Web Server

 The Web Sever then responds with the requested web page and send this to the web browser that has initiated the request . The web browser then displays the web page to the user . 

Web Design And Development , How Website Works

What Is URL ?

Uniform Resource Locator ( URL )

Each device connected to the internet has a unique address and that is referred as IP Address . A uniform resource locator ( URL ) points to the specific web page on the web server with specific  IP address on the Internet.

A URL has many parts ( sections ) and each part of a URL indicates the specific feature of the location of a resource . 

For example the http Or https indicates the protocol to be used to access this web resource. A URL contains the following information :

what is URL , Website URL , uniform resource locator

What Is URL Structure ?

What Is A Web Server ?

Web Server Software And Hardware

A website is hosted ( Stored ) on the web server ( A special type Of computer ) that runs all the time so that the website can be accessed any time . 

The web server consist of  both server software and the computer hardware ( computer system ) . 

The web server ( Hardware ) are special type of computer systems which are specially designed and built to remain switched on state continuously .

Client Server Architecture
Commonly Used Web Browsers

The web server also needs to have the operating system , DBMS ( Database Management System )  to manage the database stored on the server and  server side programming language ( scripting language ) . 

The server software enables the web server to offer various services and respond to the http requests sent by the client machines .

The web server operating system supports the client server architecture and provides a secured hosting environment to the websites hosted on the web server .

Web Design And Development

Web Server Solution Stack


A  web server software package ( Solution Stack ) consist of four components bundled together in addition to the Sever hardware ( Computer system ) . 

These four server components include the operating system, Http web server, DBMS ( Database ) and a server side scripting language. 

All these four components together provide server side run-time environment.

Some of the  most popular web server solution stack ( bundled together web server software package ) include LAMP , XAMPP and WAMP . 

The LAMP web server package include combinations of  Linux, Apache, MySQL ( RDBMS ), and PHP, abbreviated and named in the same order. 

Another commonly used web server is  WAMP for Windows based platforms . The WAMP includes Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Web Sever Solution Stack LAMP, WAMP, XAMPP
Web Sever Solution Stack Components

Web Server Solution Stack

In computing jargon, a solution stack or software stack is a set of software applications or components needed to create a complete platform so that no additional software is needed to support the applications. 

For web design and development professionals , a web server solution stack offers a complete server side run-time environment.

It is a common practice amongst the web design professionals to first install the web server solution stack ( WAMP , LAMP  OR XAMPP ) on a local computer. 

Once the web server stack is installed , the local computer can effectively function as a web server  and the web developer can design a website and test run its functionality. 

After the website design is complete , it can be uploaded to the live web server by taking a suitable hosting plan from the hosting services providers.

Web Design And Development

What Is Web Hosting ?

A website is created using web programming languages such as HTML , CSS and JavaScript . Once the website design and development work is completed , the next step is to upload all the website files on the web server .

A web server is a special computer which offers a complete set hosting services and run-time environment for the web sites hosted ( stored ) on the web server.

 A website  should be accessible to the users all the time and therefore the web servers are robust computer systems that can be kept on all the time .

What Is Web Hosting

A  web hosting servers is a specialist service that requires the supporting infrastructure such as number of operational servers , storage devises , electrical power backup , air conditioning , technical support teams and secured premises .

And therefore , web hosting services are provided by major hosting services companies such as Bluehost , Godaddy , Hostgator , Siteground and many more .

Web Design And Development

Different Types Of Web Hosting

There are  three types of hosting that are most commonly offered by the web service providers . These three hosting types include

Shared Hosting , Web Design
Dedicated Hosting , Web Design And Development
VPS Hosting , Web Development

The web hosting providers offers different types of hosting plans depending upon the number of monthly visitors. 

Most hosting requirements fall under these three hosting types. 

Web Design And Development

Shared Hosting

The Shared hosting type continues to be the most commonly used startup plan offered by almost all hosting providers . 

This type of hosting is also the most economical plan best suited for initial period for the website .

In shared hosting a single web server is shared amongst number of  websites . In shared hosting , many websites share the resources and processing power of the same server.

As such , the  shared hosting offers the cheapest hosting plan. However , the shared hosting is best suited for websites with small traffic .

The shared hosting can handle traffic generally up to 1000 visitors per day. This hosting must be upgraded to the next level  in case of higher traffic for any website.

Dedicated Hosting

In case of dedicated hosting , a single website is hosted on a single dedicated server . The dedicated hosting is required for a website with very high traffic. 

The advantages of dedicated hosting include significantly improved server performance , faster server response to web pages , dedicated IP address  and  virtually unlimited  database support.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server Hosting

The VPS stands for “Virtual Private Servers” is basically a virtual server that mimics a dedicated server . The VPS server is created by networking number of servers pooling their resources for providing a dedicated hosting services .

The VPS hosting provides virtually unlimited resource for a website in terms of website space, Server RAM , Computing power , website speed and unlimited database space . 

The website hosted on VPS server can scale up very fast without any technical issues .

Web Design And Development

Hosting Services

The hosting service providers generally offers number of other services in addition to offering different types of hosting services . These services include :

Web Design And Development

How to make website is a very interesting and important topic not only for the budding web designers but also for any one interested in designing a website . Creating a website is an indispensible part of digital marketing strategy . 

In this article , we will discuss in detail a step by step guide for building a website

How to make website is a ever green topic for many business owners considering its importance  in this age of digital marketing .Creating a website is now an indispensible part of  every business we can possibly think of .

Creating a website is a specialist job that requires knowledge and professional expertise in both web design and development . 

The web design part deals with the look and feel of the of the website. Whereas the web development part needs web programming skills which makes the website interactive and provides the functionality to the website.

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How To Make A Website 

What Is Web Design And Development ?

The web design and web development are two different skill sets necessary for  creating a professional website . 

The website creation process consist of two components . The web design handles the presentation of the website and the web development deals with web programming used to make the web pages interactive .

What is Web Design
What is Web Development

Web Design And Development

What Is Web Design ?

The first website component is the user interface . The user interacts with the website through visible user interface of the website. 

The web design deals with the design of website pages which include the page structure , page layout , color scheme , typography , website navigation and the presentation of other design components of the website.

The web design skills needs aesthetic arrangement of various web design elements , graphic designing skills , expertise in various website builder tools and other professional skills to enhance the website user experience by improving the look and feel of the website .

Web Design And Development

What Is Web Development ?

The second website component is to make the website interactive . The website contains both static and dynamic web pages . 

The static web pages provides only static content . Whereas the dynamic web pages allows the user to interact with the website . 

The most common example of dynamic web page is the contact form commonly used on the “Contact Us” web page .

The web developers primary job is translate the web design into the web pages using the web programming , scripting and mark-up languages   such as HTML , CSS , JavaScript and server side programming such as php.

Web Design Considerations

The Web developers can building the website either do the actual coding using HTML , CSS and JavaScript Or by using website building software which offers a graphical interface ( WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get ) tools to create a website . 

However , these website building software tools also finally render the website files which is in HTML , CSS and JavaScript .

The web developers are also responsible to write the necessary code to make the site interactive and also the functionality offered by the website .

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