Machine Learning

Machine Learning

What Is Machine Learning ?

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that aims to make the machines self programmable.

Machine learning ( ML ) is the technology that provides the self learning capability to the computer system . The machine learning provides the capability to the computer system to function without the need for any explicit computer program.

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows computers to learn from data and make predictions or decisions without being explicitly programmed.

It involves creating algorithms and models that enable machines to analyze and learn from large amounts of data, identify patterns and insights, and make predictions or decisions based on that learning.

Machine learning is used in a wide range of applications, from image and speech recognition to fraud detection and recommendation systems. It is a rapidly growing field with new developments and applications emerging all the time.

Machine Learning , Artificial Intelligence , AI , ML

Artificial intelligence is a major discipline in computer science and the machine learning is a sub discipline within artificial intelligence .

Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence ( AI ) is branch of computer science that deals with the simulation of human intelligence in machines .

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are among the most promising technological developments. The AI and machine learning are the hottest research topic in the field of computer science.

In this article , we are going to explore in detail , what is machine learning , its importance in computer science , applications of machine learning and how machine learning as a discipline has evolved over a period of time.

What Is Machine Learning ?

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Simple Introduction To ML

What Is Machine Learning ?

Computer Science

The  computer science   is  defined as  a  branch  of  engineering  science that deals with the study of the  technology  and  the principles   of  design and applications of the computers system.

The computer science is a interdisciplinary science which means its study includes many disciplines. These computer science scope includes  study of computation , computer  technology , hardware  and the  software.

The computers are now an indispensible part of the human world . The applications of computer science has completely changed the life for better around us.

Computer Science And Machine Learning

The human world as it exists today has evolved due to advancements in the fields of science and technology . The human world is now dependent upon the computers .

The computer science  is both multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary science . The scope of the computer science is pretty vast and includes many sub-discipline exists within its scope.

The machines and robots equipped with the computing power and the processor ( CPU )  as a brain can now now performing the jobs once reserved for humans .

What Is Machine Learning

The rapid advancement in the computer science related technology such as artificial intelligence  has made it possible for machines to think and act like humans.

The modern computers equipped with high speed processors are the driving force to manage and control the activities of the machines .

However , the computers are digital machines which needs computer programs to perform any tasks . The computer program are written to direct the computer system to perform the tasks as per the program instructions.

Computer Program And Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

The artificial intelligence ( AI ) aims at providing  the logical thinking capabilities to the computer without the necessity of any program .

The artificial intelligence is a field of study in computer science which deals with creating intelligent machines that work and reacts like human .

The machine learning algorithms  helps machine to learn from the past data . We are aware that the computer needs to be programmed to perform any task . The computer accepts data and program as inputs and then provide the output.

Whereas in machine learning , we provide data and previous output as inputs to produce program as output . This gives capability to the computer  to perform some task without any program but based on the patterns of the past data.  

Machine Learning Vs Traditional Programming

Define Machine Learning

The machine learning is the study of  application of artificial intelligence ( AI ) that provides the self learning ability to the computer systems.

With machine learning , the system can  automatically learn and improve from the past  experience and data . The machine learning aims at reducing the system dependence on the explicit programming.

The machine learning focuses on the development of an intelligent algorithms that can access the data and use it for self programming to improve the performance.

Types Of Machine Learning

Applications Of Machine Learning

The machine learning focuses on the creating  an intelligent self programmable without any human intervention. This approach is a paradigm shift in the traditional programming approach.

The artificial intelligence ( AI ) has made it possible for machines to independently think and act similar to some fiction movies.

The advancements in the computer hardware and software technology has opened up innumerable applications in real world situations. 

Some of the important and real world applications of ML  include :

Real World Applications Of AI And ML

Artificial Intelligence , Real World Applications Of Machine Learning

Search Engine Results

The search engines are extensively used on the internet for finding the information . The internet is flooded with information . 

The search engines such as Google , Bing and yahoo use different  algorithms to produce the most relevant search results . 

These search engine algorithms make use of machine learning ( ML )  to produce the most relevant results. The AI based algorithms makes it possible for search engines to produce and rank the web pages.

Virtual Personal Assistant

The virtual personal assistant such as Amazon Echo , Siri, Alexa, Google Home  is the  next wave of electronic gadgets that are making inroads in our day to day life.

No matter what information or service you are looking for , these virtual assistant can help you with the latest information and answers.

Further , these virtual assistants can easily understand all  your  voice commands without any problem . All this is possible due to application of machine learning.

Virtual Personal Assistant

Applications Of Machine Learning

Health Care And Medical Research

The Health care and medical research is another area where ML is being extensively used. The machine learning is swiftly making inroads into many areas in the healthcare industry.

Some of these ML applications include diagnosis and prognosis, improving and new  drug development  , epidemiology, and medical robotics.

Banking And Finance

The applications of machine learning is providing a big help in the field of backing and financial services .

The AI and ML based algorithms are used to track the complex and large volumes of online transactions. The banks can now track and monitor the large volumes of financial transactions to provide more secured services.

The bankers can now easily detect and track any suspicious transaction . The banks can take the preventive measures against any potential online frauds .

The ML algorithms are also helping the banks to decide the customers for offering credit cards and also for evaluation of credit risk on credit offers. 

Traffic Management

The traffic management is another area of application for machine learning . As a matter of fact ,  we are all using Google map GPS navigation services.

This GPS navigation  system makes use of machine learning algorithms to identify the shortest route with least traffic.

Applications Of Machine Learning


The biggest e-commerce giants like Amazon , Walmart and other are using the machine learning ( ML )  technology to improve the user experience , predict sales , customer preferences and improve upon the customer service .

The product recommendation is another major activity for e-commerce portals which has significant impact on the sales .

The ML algorithms can help in terms of tracking the customer preferences. The ML algorithms can be improved for targeted ads and suggested products .

Space Exploration

The space exploration is another field where machine learning is helping the scientist to successfully launch and manage various space missions .

The space missions and satellite generates a huge volume of data. This data needs to be processed , analyzed for further applications .

The large number of  images captured by the satellite are analyzed using ML algorithms to find the patterns and for knowledge extraction. These patterns further acts as an input to improve the existing ML algorithms .

Applications Of Machine Learning


The computer science is a interdisciplinary science . And therefore , different fields of computer science such as artificial Intelligence and machine learning play a crucial role in robotics.

The industrial robots are used to automate , improve production and product quality . The ML algorithms are indispensible to improve the robot performance .

Data Science

The data science is a mathematical and statistical techniques that can be applied in any domain for solving problems.

The data science is the process of using the data to provide the solution to some specific problem . It also includes making predictions using the data science techniques for a specific problem statement.

The data science has emerged as one of the most promising fields of study in computer science .

Data Science
Data Science

The data science is a multi disciplinary science which makes use of technology to analyze large volumes of data for knowledge extraction.

The Data science is concerned  with the extraction of knowledge from the data. In order to do so it uses number of techniques from different disciplines.

The Machine learning includes some statistical tools and techniques that can be very useful for a data scientist.

Applications Of Machine Learning

Social Media Marketing

The social media is now at the forefront of all marketing plan . The social media platform such as Facebook deals with large volumes of data .

The social media platforms use many machine learning algorithms to improve upon the user experience .

The machine learning algorithms also helps for personalizing the news feed and for better ads targeting on social media platforms.

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