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Data In DBMS

Explained Data In Database Management System (DBMS).

The term ‘data’ in the context of DBMS is defined as single item stored into the field of a database table. Data is either stored as single item or a set of interrelated data elements.

In database management system, data is stored into the database table. Individual data element can be accessed in a table with reference to table row and column.

In DBMS, the data is organized into the database in the form of table. Each table represents a database entity which stores data related to specific database entity.

What Is Data In DBMS , Database Management System DBMS

Data in the context of database is also defined as facts, figures, observations regarding a database entity that can be recorded and digitally processed with the help of a computer system, DBMS and data processing software.

Data in its raw form cannot be used and needs to processed so that it can be used for some meaningfully purpose. Therefore, data is processed to convert the data into information that has many meaningful applications.

DBMS is a software used for creating and managing the databases such as MS SQL Sever , Oracle And MySQL

Example of Data In Database

Let us consider one simple example of a college database designed to store information related to students for a college to understand the what is data in DBMS.

The college database will store data related to various activities and operations of the college. The college database will store data related students, teachers, various courses, student marks and other such related information.

Example Of Data In Database

In this example, the college database will have many tables. Each table represents a single specific database entity such as student table, teacher table, course table, exam table and so on.

In DBMS, data is stored into the table. Each row of the table represents a specific record. Whereas, each table column represents an attribute of the entity.

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